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Memory Optimizer Expert 2.2

Memory Optimizer Expert is a program for RAM management and defragmentation
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The data stored in computer’s RAM memory changes a lot during intensive utilization. Some of the data might remain stored even if it is no longer necessary, or some applications can cache resources that are not properly deleted and keep the memory loaded.
In cases like these, an application for memory cleaning is necessary.
Memory Optimizer Expert is such an application, helping with RAM management, monitoring, and defragmentation.
The program is easy to install, and no configuration is required. The interface is well designed and easy to use even for casual users.
Three main tabs are used to manage the various functions of the program: System Performance, System Process, and Statistics.
First tab, System performance, displays some comprehensive system information like memory usage, number of active processes on the system, and C drive free space. From here, the automatic optimizer frequency can be set and there is also an option to disable memory optimization during high usage of the CPU.
The System process Tab is a detailed task manager, showing active system processes and windows services. There are options to stop or to optimize a selected process.
The last tab, the Statistics one displays a large graphic showing the amount of memory used in the last five minutes. It displays both RAM and paged memory.
Memory Optimizer Expert works under all Microsoft Windows versions, from Windows 98 to Windows 7.

Cristian Ionescu
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  • Easy to use
  • Comprehensive system statistics


  • The application usage decreases RAM loading with several percents, but is far from the " up to 90%" claimed by the developer on product site
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